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4002 – A Process of Induction by Emkay

Posted by Listen With Others on 24 October 2008

I’m afraid this blog is going to be a process of deduction because I forgot I was down to blog it until I’d solved about half the clues. Plus I am writing it a week later. Fortunately it was a very straight forward puzzle though I did get off to a bad start. The preamble gave the answers to those (clues) which intersect the perimeter once are to be entered jumbled  and so presumably all the others are entered normally which should be a great help. Eight thematic elements… why elements and not entries? All will become clear hopefully. I started with the perimeter clues and thought 'Virgin ground (6)' might be IRVING. Because of the title, I wondered about conductors. Then got 'In Ulster following member of overseas political party (7)' MANCINI; and 'Almost clean compartment of a honeycomb (7)' giving PURCELL . Well the theme is definitely conductors I thought but as I couldn’t solve any other perimeter clues I went on to the acrosses and downs.

6a don’t know
10a Produces sheaths containing uranium (6) CAUSES
13a Trace incorrect move diagonally (5) is CATER
14a Convertible theatre curtain cover (6) is RAGTOP (from Bradfords)
15a Right inside multiple elements of a gaseous layer (13) I thought must be part of the atmosphere and end in OSPHERIC so I guessed it was THERMOSHERIC with R in various elements of the periodic table. This seemd lazy clueing reminiscent of various notes which I disliked in my last blog but I will not dwell on it.
16a Diploma in Romania for musical composition (5) RONDO( OND in RO)
18a Old age established position in family (6) ELDEST
Turning to the downs crossing them
1d Foolish person loses the Tibetan animal (3) GOA(t)
2d Skin dead animal without implements – not exciting initially (4) DERM (d ermine minus INE)
3d ?
4d Go, for example, round Spain (3) GEE (eg reversed e)
5d Odd part of wheelbarrow – it's back to front! (4) ORRA (hidden rev)
The above were all jumbled but the next 6 could be entered when solved.
7d Switzerland invested in precious metal and money (5) OCHRE (CH in ore)
8d Count set in another way, leaving out badly cut gem? (5) STONE (anag count set minus ang cut) but it messed up 15a thermosphere. From -H-O-OSPHERE I guessed CHROMOSPHERE with the same clue reservations.
9d Show lascivious pleasure in physician attracting love of student (5) DROOL
10d Kind of wood cut originally for my horse (5) -APL- suggested CAPLE (from Bradfords) C for M(y)APLE
11d Guide has the eastern direction right (5) S T E E R
12d Thwart Anglo-Catholic having time for royal (5) -PIT- suggested SPITE (spike T for K!)
I had enough crossing to lead me to
6a They eat insects from most of waste matter around diseased nog (7) DRONGOS (dros(s) around anag nog)
3d Sit astride reddish-brown large plant (13, two words) HORSE CHESTNUT
I could now place MANCINI and PURCELL and guessed
Article covering independent river transport system (7) THIERRY and
Bird loses resolve (4) WOOD (pecker)
though the former ruined my conductor theory.


Well that was the top half completed and and the bottom half clues fell similarly easily. And so I was able to place IRVING and deduce
Half a mild cheese made in Cyprus (4) HALL(oumi).
This threw my musical theme back into the ring. Maybe there is another THIERRY with a musical connection. It was only when I re-googled Thierry that I noticed HENRY and realised the others were all HENRYs too and so finally I got
Well-co-ordinated hospital admits male imbibing ecstasy (9, two words) THE EIGHTH (tight round he e)
Wishing to have diamonds (4) FOR D
and finally JOSEPH HENRY (Induction).

 I still don’t know why the preamble used thematic elements rather than entries.
One of the definitions of Induction in Chambers is
Reasoning from particular cases to general conclusions (logic)
which I suppose is the process I went through to arrive at JOSEPH HENRY and so justifies the title which I had thought weak. 

This was a relatively quick and easy Listener and although I didn’t find the cluing top notch I knew when I’d got the right solution (thermoshere excepted) and it did have a penny drop but one which was more of an ‘oh’ rather than an ‘aah’ for me. In fact it seemed more like a Spectator puzzle than a Listener. Sorry EmKay if this blog sounds a little grudging I did enjoy the puzzle and in a busy week I was pleased to solve it quickly.
p.s. The formatting made the type face italic when I pasted this here and I didn't have the patience to correct it all. Plus the read more function wasn't working.

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