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Update, March 2009

Posted by Listen With Others on 9 March 2009

Unfortunately, due to other commitments, Chris Lancaster is stepping down as administrator for Listen With Others. In order that this excellent site continues, I have agreed to take it on … after all, the Crossword Database (see link on the right) just doesn’t take up enough of my time!

I hope to be up to speed on managing LWO by the middle of this month, and will shortly be contacting all those who have told Chris that they would be willing to contribute blogs, either frequent or occasional. To keep the ball rolling, I have posted a couple of submissions which Chris has forwarded to me from Shirley Curran, for which I thank her.

Before going any further, I would like to thank Chris for his outstanding contribution to the crossword community in general, and The Listener in particular. His posts here and on the Crossword Centre message board have been a source of great entertainment to me and many others, especially his sense of humour, which is very similar to my own … so beware! I know Chris hopes to be able to submit the occasional blog, but his setting of new puzzles is likely to be on hold for a time. Hopefully that will not be too long.

I hope to be able to devote as much time as necessary to ensuring that the site runs smoothly (famous last words). I am open for business pretty much 24/7 … better make that 15/6 … and will do my best to ensure that the site continues to provide pleasure to all those for whom The Listener is more than just a crossword.

Watch this space.

Dave Hennings.

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