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Back Gate by Tiburon

Posted by linxit on 5 June 2010

gridWell, having been one of the first volunteers when Chris originally planned Listen With Others, I suppose I’d better finally produce my first blog entry. Unfortunately about the time LWO got started my job changed and I stopped being single, so my weekend time was much more restricted than before. And I’m quite lazy…

Anyway, back to Tiburon. I met him for the first time at the Magpie party a few weeks earlier, and he mentioned a Listener in the pipeline, so I thought I’d better have a crack at it at least. Misprints in every definition, with messages in the misprints and the corrected letters. Must have been difficult to write the clues!

I printed it out at work on the Friday and had my first look on the train without any solving aids. First read through the clues didn’t produce too much – RAG WEEK was the first one I got, followed by WET ROT (I often find multi-word answers easier to spot), then managed to complete most of the SE corner and put in a wrong answer at 17A. Next chance to look at it was Saturday morning, with Chambers, Bradfords, TEA and the Internet at my disposal. About three hours later I emerged victorious with a completed grid.

Strangely enough, up to that time I’d not bothered to even look at the two columns of letters I’d been neatly writing in next to each completed clue as I went along, so it came as quite a surprise when I instantly saw DEOX/YRIB/ONUC/LEIC/DCID (oops) in the misprints and its four component chemicals in the corrections. But where did that rogue D come from?

36D Following Peru’s appeal for help dash for Colombia (5)

“dash” becomes “cash” and it’s PE + SOS, surely! Took me another couple of minutes to see that it could also work with “dash” -> “dosh”.

DNA stands out in the middle, and I can see a double helix of names winding around it. I’d heard of WATSON and CRICK, but had to look up FRANKLIN and WILKINS on Wikipedia to confirm them. I also (rarely for me) saw the significance of the title, which gave me fond memories of Ploy’s Signal Boxes (Listener 4004).


4 Responses to “Back Gate by Tiburon”

  1. shirley curran said

    linxit, I still haven’t seen the significance of the title which is apparently so obvious and satisfying to everybody else. Help please!

  2. linxit said

    Hi Shirley,

    DNA is AND backwards. AND is a type of gate in logic circuits (others are OR, NOT, NOR, XOR, NAND). That’s all there is to it. Ploy put together a series of these in his Listener 4004 puzzle to determine the correct entries for clashing I’s and O’s.

  3. shirley curran said

    Thanks, Linnxit – that info came in very useful in another puzzle! We started to attempt the Listener crosswords just after no 4004.
    I do hope you are going to continue producing Listen With Others blogs.

  4. Jake said


    Please stay! I’m new to the Listener so all the clues I didn’t manage I’d like to know about and why!

    I can’t believe 36dn was tough for you! I have attempted 5-6 puzzles and that was one of my first clues, mind you I have about every ‘lonely planet’ guide books at hand and knew Colombia’s currency.

    I only knew Watson and Crick though, so it’s nice to be informed.


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