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Listener 4092: Bufo’s Misprinted Auditions (or No End in Sight)

Posted by Dave Hennings on 16 Jul 2010

This is Bufo’s 18th Listener, although he has had only two since 2003. I have a feeling at the back of my mind that he is a bit like Waterloo inasmuch as his puzzles are a little off the wall. The preamble confirms this with Each clue has an extra word with one letter misprinted. And look at the answer lengths: a lot of 12, 13 and 14, and even a 16! Plus, the number of words in each answer is withheld. So lots of phrases then?

The misprints and the message

I start at 1ac, and it isn’t until I get to 8dn that I solve one. Luckily I am old enough to remember the Ying Tong Song by The Goons back in the 50’s, although younger solvers may be helped by the more recent stage show Ying Tong: A Walk with the Goons. Anyway, YING TONG must fit a 4-letter entry, so YING or TONG or YITO or NGNG perhaps! The extra word here is JEW, which is a misprint of DEW, HEW, JAW, JAB, JET and a few more. More help needed here.

Next comes 24dn IDIOT CARD (5 letters), 19dn RUN OF THE MILL (8), ALL THE SAME (6), and the two clinchers 25ac MAN O’ WAR (4) and 33ac SLOE GIN (4) which fit nicely with RUN OF THE MILL when all last words are ignored. I won’t say that it is a doddle from here on in, but relatively easy, great fun and very enjoyable, finding all the phrases and words with end bits missing. My favourite is THE GREAT UNWASHED with its misprint to be found in It’s hard having first of cheques uncashed and a commotion in progress!

The final piece of the jigsaw is that the missing words are the misprinted extra words in the clues. Obvious really!? On the right is a list of the extra words, their corrected forms and the correct letters. The correct letters spell out EACH UNMISPRINTED FORM IS PART OF AN ANSWER.

Thanks, Bufo for (a) a short preamble, and (b) a novel and light-hearted puzzle. How you fitted all those bits into a 12×12 grid with 90° symmetry is a marvel, and probably explains why this is only your third Listener in the last five years! More please.

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