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Misprinted Auditions (Additions?) by Bufo

Posted by shirleycurran on 16 Jul 2010

The numpties had completed Bufo’s Misprinted Auditions and filed it when a friend suggested that clever twist of the title – I hadn’t even wondered why it was called that! In fact, for a long time, I was wondering why those extra words were there at all, as, very soon, it was obvious that we were entering the first word (or words) of the compound solutions.

YING TONG was our very first solution. I can understand that it might be among the last for anyone not familiar with that song we, in our imbecilic youth, loved to sing, ‘Ying tong, ying tong, ying tong, ying tong, ying tong iddle i po …’ (did we really find that amusing?) and we weren’t sure which half to enter, but that problem was quickly resolved by CONCRETE JUNGLE, EDEN VALLEY and BABBLING BROOK – and the grid filled.

‘The number of words in each answer is withheld’. That rendered one or two clues slightly more difficult: 2D ‘A fort repelled army with large number getting harsh treatment’. We were travelling without the big red book so that I couldn’t check whether WAR was a definition of ‘army’. It is, of course, and ‘fort’ came out as the extra word, leaving A RAW DEAL. What a fine surface reading the clue had.

We couldn’t check ‘Alfred Giles’ on Google either but that fine clue (Alfred Giles possibly translated W. H. Auden’s The Unknown Citizen, etc. contemptuously) resolved itself into an amusing solution when we realized that Alfred was THE GREAT and that ‘W. H. Auden’s’ is an anagram of UNWASHED.

And we stared at it! We had a PLATFORM SHOE in there and a TREASUR? ????? (which could have been TREASURE or TREASURY) but it did seem that we had almost completed the crossword without working out what looked like an impossible task – sorting out which letter of each extra word was misprinted. We should know the Listener better by now. Nothing so nigh on impossible has been asked of us so far! Even with good guessing, we only worked out ‘misprint’ and ‘answer’ – and I was about to abandon when my wise friend suggested that I rethink and write out my list of extra words.

What a pleasant surprise was in store when I saw the obvious. There in front of me were JUNGLE/JINGLE, UNCASHED/UNWASHED, VALLEY/VOLLEY and so on. This wasn’t just a ‘word-search’ exercise for the numpties even if it was not essential to the solving of the crossword for our more gifted brethren who can sort out all the wordplay.

When I had paired all my extra words with the parts of the solution compounds that were not to be entered into the grid, I was left with an intriguing misfit SHOE and ROLE. Aha! Clearly, I needed a PLATFORM SOLE, not shoe! Even better, my final empty light in the grid was filled by the pairing of HOUSE/MOUSE (so we weren’t dealing with ‘Treasury bonds’ – who would think they were a safe place to store valuables anyway?)

And, of course, the misprints produced that confirmation of what was going on, ‘Each unmisprinted form is part of an answer’. I wonder whether I would have made anything of that rather complex double-think before I had actually sussed out what was going on!

I liked it though. Thank you BUFO.

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