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Listener 4098: Language Balancing by Schadenfreude

Posted by erwinch on 27 Aug 2010

This really belongs as a comment but I wanted to display the grid, which looks quite striking if the polygon is shaded in:
Sadly, unless he has had a change of heart, Schadenfreude will never see this.  The following comment appeared in the Fifteensquared blog on his IQ No Yens last year:
It would be interesting to know why anyone should not wish to have the world’s libraries at one’s fingertips.  Surely, the time when discerning individuals might see the Internet as a vice ridden mine of misinformation is long gone.  Has it not served this minority interest of ours most admirably for a decade now?  My only caveat is that powerful search engines and certain word applications have made completing puzzles considerably easier.  You can of course limit the use of these things but, for example, I think it highly unlikely that I shall ever again read through an entire Shakespeare play in order to complete one of Salamanca’s Plays of the Bard series.

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