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Listener 4115: Invisible Ink II by Sabre (or Use Your Highlighter!)

Posted by Dave Hennings on 24 Dec 2010

Another superb puzzle from Sabre which was solvable
by using the nonsense available.

No time for more from me now,
except to wish everyone
a fantastic Christmas and a happy and successful 2011.

One Response to “Listener 4115: Invisible Ink II by Sabre (or Use Your Highlighter!)”

  1. erwinch said

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more (I have a stock of virtual lemon juice).

    Sabre has earned nearly legendary status among many Listener solvers, we will never forget the likes of Wordsquares and Cards, but I didn’t care for this so much. Looking at my files and the original Invisible Ink I had noted that I considered this all but impossible without word lists but rather straightforward with them. Nowadays I imagine that most used electronic aids, which transformed the puzzle into a very decent half-crossword and the remainder an uninspiring mechanical slog. The alternative (for me) would have been a lengthy and tedious trawl through Chambers. Having said that though, it was a brilliant concept for a puzzle and especially so since it avoided any ambiguities – at least as far as I could see.

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