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To … by Navajo

Posted by shirleycurran on 11 February 2011

We didn’t get Robbie Burns last week and a blue flag to draw – maybe this week? They are opening a new museum in his memory in Ayrshire today. Solving goes full tilt and fairly soon that obvious anagram, ‘Union dismay at’ reorganised plant in upland (13, two words) gives us MOUNTAIN DAISY. We search our almost complete grid and there is a LOUSE lurking down in the south-west corner, ‘The French flower bug’ (5). I like that clue with its combination of the usual ‘The French’, with a difference in that we needed only the L, the usual liquid flower ‘OUSE’ and the surface reading of some sort of bug unique to French flowers.

We keep hunting and, sure enough, DEIL appears, ‘In Glasgow, mischievous imp led one astray’ (4) – Another anagram of LED and I. A quick hunt in the Burns anthology that’s lying on the table (we’re toasting the haggis this week, with its sonsie face!) and TOOTHACHE comes up as our fourth Burns poem. So suspicions are confirmed. Somebody out there is setting these puzzles for us (Scots, living on the outskirts of Geneva, working at CERN and next week’s ……………… 🙂

We have already worked out those anagrams ‘Fix this or spoil surprise’ (9, three words) – HIT FOR 6, and ‘For such suits the English recipe is tailor-made (10) – 3 PIECE SUIT and produced 63. But what has that to do with Robbie Burns? We complete our grid and first of all find 63 SHOPPERS – A GREEN PLANET BANS AUTOS AT ST ALBANS – well, maybe St Albans has some imaginative environmental initiative underway for an elite group of retail therapy buffs. The only thing I know about St Albans is that it is where I mail these ….. Aaah, I supppose a ‘directive’ is an address. That must be why HERTFORDSHIRE is on the bottom line – and those poems were ‘addresses’ – a rather tenuous link. I wonder if there is a more substantial link that I haven’t seen.

Nice one! Not too difficult with lovely clear clues. Many thanks Navajo.


2 Responses to “To … by Navajo”

  1. ilan said

    I thought that highlighting J. Green’s address on Green Lane in green was implied.

  2. shirleycurran said

    L hope not, Ilan! I had only my pink! These Rubik’s cubes at al must be infernal for the colour blind!

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