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Ringtone by Trev, Trevium 489

Posted by shirleycurran on 1 April 2011

The numpties always seem to work from the bottom right-hand corner upwards and Trev’s Ringtone was no exception.

Our first error was to assume that that semi-colon in the preamble might be interpreted as a hint to use only the letters that were not indicated in the clues, to find the hidden message. Thus we recorded the extra letters and missing ones in two separate columns. It was easy enough to combine them when the grid fill was completed, which was in an unusually short time for us, and, at least, we had a means of checking that we had an equal number of letters in each set.

I was  tickled to note that the oenophilic strain of Listener setters was maintained by Trev, nay, even enriched by his old soak at 42ac. (Lush seat at King’s Head’ clearly somebody with a reserved seat in the pub!)

What lovely transparent clueing! Still, we had a struggle to tease out that message as four consecutive clues refused to yield their extra letter. We had SU? O? ????IC NUMBERS OF ANSWERS TREATED AS TITLE COULD BE. How could the title be treated?

Feed it into Chambers Word Wizard and what does it give? Nitrogen! Astonishing! The other numpty is the scientist who knows his periodic table and he was already in bed, so I had to resort to Google as I fed each solution into Chambers Word Wizard and produced,

LEAD 82, IRON 26, SCANDIUM 21, RHENIUM 75, ASTATINE 85, SODIUM 11, RADON 86, CERIUM 58 and RHODIUM 45. Add those together and I get 489! What was amazing was that Trev had managed to incorporate atomic numbers that added up to the recently-discovered element (see attached news snippet).  What a brilliantly executed theme. Thank you, Trev!


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  1. John Reardon said

    What day is it today?

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