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Listener 4150: Garden Scraps by Colleague

Posted by erwinch on 3 Sep 2011

Just a quick one.  I was intrigued by the two precise angles given in the preamble and it was pleasing to see that the rotated D’s formed the handle and guards of the crossed swords:
I too found Dales and Pennines at 6dn before solving the double clue and once the battles were spotted, Tewkesbury (1471) and Blore Heath (1459), the puzzle was all but over as a contest.  Two clues gave some trouble, the wordplay at 37ac:
Descendant of Merry losing Troy to a beloved of Amadis (6) Oriana – ‘O + A for T in RIANT  That capital M in Merry weakens the clue.
And 8dn:
Clary, out of date, but not very, taken through the mouth (4) oral – OR(V)AL
So, a Listener with a highly competent representation of the theme in classic style.  I only comparatively recently learned that the term The Wars of the Roses was probably coined by Sir Walter Scott over 300 years after the events.

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