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Happy Christmas

Posted by Listen With Others on 23 Dec 2011

May I wish everyone who visits Listen With Others, whether frequently or occasionally, a very merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2012.

I would like to must, of course, thank Shirley Curran and Erwin Hatch for their superb blogs this year. Shirley’s weekly efforts have set an exceptionally high standard which I hope I come near to matching, and I hope that all of you find our efforts entertaining. I would also like to thank those setters who have kindly provided fascinating blogs on the creation of their puzzles.

This year, Listener-wise, has seen a major hiccup in my attempt to secure a 5-year uninterrupted run of all-corrects. I have failed on at least four occasions, initially with 4141, Trailblazers by Dysart, and most recently with 4162, Carte Blanche with a Twist by Mash. (By the way, if you’re a Magpie subscriber, there is an incredibly detailed setter’s blog for that puzzle available there.)

So it’s onwards and upwards into 2012. If next year’s Listeners match the standard of this year’s puzzles, we’re in for a real treat, so a final thank you to the editors and all the setters who keep us coming back for more.

Best wishes,

2 Responses to “Happy Christmas”

  1. Matthew said

    You don’t even need to be a Magpie subscriber to read the setter’s blog, since it is posted in a public part of the website. It can be viewed at the address below.

  2. Thanks, Matthew. I’ve now also created a thread alongside the solvers’ blogs for the puzzle back in November.

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