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Listener 4191 Full Instructions included by Nudd

Posted by shirleycurran on 15 June 2012

Three lines of preamble. Hmmm – we have learnt to be suspicious of that. Nudd is becoming a familiar name and we know that we can trust his impeccable cluing but we also know that he can be astonishingly deceptive in his surface readings. So we had been warned.

The answers to ten clues require modification before entry in the grid (not always resulting in real words). (My italics!) Oh dear, there’s the rub. Well , never mind! With numpty experience, we look at the word lengths. Perhaps there is a clue there as to which ten words are going to be altered. We identify eight clues – EIGHT! not TEN!

And so we solve and some solutions just slip gently into place: DITCHERS (A word from Morse = DIT + encourages half-hearted CHE(e)RS); LOSEL (Vanquished one = LOSER, changing sides = L for R); PUTS IN (Powerful Russian = PUTIN, holding spades = going round S); ROLL TOP (Register = ROLL, circus tent = TOP)

We notice that Nudd is demonstrating that Listener setter tendency to enjoy a tipple; ‘On Islay, the best part of a measure lubricates and unwinds’ (UNC(e) + OILS) and ‘Prior to surgical procedure, doctor permitted a small amount of liquid (DR + OP + LET) Really! … and it gets worse – ‘Drunk’s accepted in drag’ (U in SLED).

We also notice something about those 8 suspicious clues. LERNE (‘Senior service occupies shelter in swamp (5)’ has only four cells available and is clearly going to be entered as ERNE. Pdm! It has to LOSE L!

The pattern emerges and we laboriously highlight potential instructions and potential victims.

DITCH ERS, OUST ITI, PUT S IN, ROLL TOP, ADD LE, STIR RUP, AXE NIC, DROP LET, LOSE L and JUNK ANOO (Yes, there’s my conversation stopper for the week, “Danced any good Junkanoos lately?”)

And the victims? RAPI(ERS), UN(ITI)SE, A(TOP – POT), LEGMAN + LE, D(RUP)E to D(UPR)E, (NIC)OTINE, PART(LET), (L)ERNE and C(ANOO)DLING. Yes, that devious little ‘Put S in’ evaded us for a while but fortunately the clue lengths told us that it had to go into CO(S)L.

And so we found our TEN instructions and ten outcomes. What a lot Nudd managed to incorporate. Indeed, the grid is the most remarkable thing,  – 10 instructions and 10 outcomes, all in a broadly Ximenean grid, very good!

Pretty tricky, Nudd, but another fine compilation. Many thanks!


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