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One Shot At A Time by Artix

Posted by shirleycurran on 2 November 2012

Golf, indeed! A rather oddly laid out golf course and just 33 clues allowing us to make our way round the 18 holes with a pause for refreshments in a half-way “lodge”. We did wonder what was “lodging” in there, clearly not the ‘saloon keeper’ – he was somewhere around the first hole!

One of the numpties is the world’s worst golf player and these eighteen holes were a long struggle – even finding our way around the course involved a fair amount of hitting into the rough. Hole by hole, the course revealed its secrets. The Par Threes were, of course, the easiest; ‘Go at full speed avoiding power cut’ S(p)LIT, ‘A day’s work for a Scot removing the French from Scott’s dell DARG(le) and ‘Japanese plant in 16th century house losing protection of trustee’ (T)UDO(r) – but, of course, we had to find those fairways on our green.

Naturally, we had more trouble with the Par Fours, as we were still contemplating a virgin course and cold-solving. That ‘Russian boy joins dance half-cut’ should have been easy – SA + CHA(-cha) but we were wondering about Misha, Sasha, Boris and Ivan. We were entertained by the clue where we had to remove ‘contrary VOTE’ from ‘ROOSEVELT’ producing Shakespeare’s SOREL (Dramatic young buck), but, of course, the delightful relevance of the clue hadn’t struck us yet.

There were some spectacular clues here! ”Homes must have two characters reflected in miniscule houses’ – so “d” would be ‘reflected’ to make  “b” so these AbOdES become AdObES!  ‘Aberdonian clot abseiling with hands crossed over’ (RAPPEL changed to LAPPER).

The Par Fives, surprisingly, finally allowed us onto the course as the longer solutions (RIOTERS, PHAETON, DAMOISEL and MIRADORS) indicated the long fairways. We constructed a rather erratic course that finished with green 18 out in the open country.

“In course order, the greens spell out a phrase.” Astonishment! STRONG AS A BULL MOOSE appears. Isn’t that the origin of the Progressive Party’s label – the Bull Moose Party? Doesn’t it have something to do with the attempted assassination of  Teddy Roosevelt? A bit of Internetting is called for and produces a significant date – 13th October, 1912. Has tricky Artix been playing a double game all along and what is the ‘lasting memento of this historic event’ that is lodged in the half way house? We have our suspicions but have to work out all the jumbles of the ‘column clues’ to confirm them.

Jumbles are anathema to us but, of course, several of the column letters were already in place. We deduced that the six letters of the ‘half-way lodge’ were not part of the 25-letter phrase that was offering advice to golfers. Indeed, our suspicions that a bullet was lodged there were soon confirmed, as we read our way along the bunkers, hazards, traps and lakes and had that splendid final penny drop moment. The numpty historian suddenly muttered “Speak softly; carry a big stick!”

This was pure genius Artix! Were you on a golf course when Roosevelt’s maxim suddenly took on double relevance? We found this crossword extremely difficult but truly memorable and the work of a star compiler. It was sheer magic! (But where was the nineteenth hole?)


One Response to “One Shot At A Time by Artix”

  1. Dave said

    Or “18 with a Bullet” as someone – no doubt irrelevantly – once sang. Good stuff all round.

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