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Falsehoods by Aedites

Posted by shirleycurran on 4 Jan 2013

Aedites 001I think we just broke our own record. It took about five minutes to print and stick this together and we were joyfully slotting in our last clue forty minutes after Aedites’ Falsehoods rolled off the press. What’s more, I am delighted. This was sheer fun from start to finish.

I belive we were extremely lucky. What would we have done in the days before the Internet? Well, actually, we would have gone straight to the ODQ, as I have just done, as soon as STUBBS and a putative GREEN appeared in our grid. What do I find?

‘Froude informs the Scottish youth/ That parsons do not care for truth/ The Reverend Canon Kingsley cries/ History is a pack of lies./ What cause for judgements so malign?/ A brief reflection solves the mystery-/ Froude believes Kingsley a divine,/ And Kingsley goes to Froude for history.’

But what does it mean? I am not sure who is getting at whom in this bon mot, though it seems to me that neither Froude nor Kingsley comes off too well. But back to our solve. It was somewhat daunting to see how few clues there were and how much of our grid was highlighted in yellow before we even started to solve. However, I work on the principle that when there are only a few clues, they are going to have to be impeccably transparent. And they were. I soon stopped attempting to solve and simply wrote as the other numpty reeled off the solutions.

I did, however, enjoy a moment’s reflection that Aedites shares the usual Listener setter enjoyment of a tipple. Even in clue one, we had a ‘Splash of Dubonnet ingested by cut father (5)’ (D in PARE) and an ‘Immature vintage from Norman (5)’ produced CRU + DE.

What more can I say. A speedy solve, straight-forward and informative. Thank you Aedites.

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