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Listener 4290: All Write for The Listener by MynoT

Posted by Dave Hennings on 9 May 2014

MynoT’s last puzzle was back at the beginning of 2011, and featured the Swiss flag (4120, Cross-country). The one before that had the months of the French revolutionary calendar as its theme (4073, Quartet). Here, we had to find a slightly modified quotation which would appear around the perimeter of the grid.

Listener 4290I won’t say that I got the theme of the puzzle from the title. Oh, all right, I will… I got the theme of the puzzle from the title. Homophones. A certain (untold) number of answers were to be treated thematically, and the same number had a word in the clue thematically treated, in one case, two words. It didn’t actually say that it was the same thematic treatment in both cases, but I proceeded upon that assumption.

I started on the acrosses, and 6 Fell awkwardly over pipe in marine accommodation (7) looked like FLOATEL. Hmmm… no homophonic jiggery-pokery there that I could see! Perhaps MynoT had led me down the garden path with the title. A couple of clues later, and 13 Composer’s fair about pupil’s second piece (5) gave FAURE, with ‘fair’ instead of ‘fare’, and I was feeling happy again.

16 They may be played by beaus or, in large numbers, belles (6) totally convinced me, seeming to be the clue that had two treatments with ‘beaus’ for ‘bows’ and ‘belles’ for ‘bells. Mind you, I couldn’t see the answer to it. (It turned out to be TENORS; strange that ten has the definiton ‘cardinal number next above nine’ and also ‘used indefinitely, a large number’—a meaning that I don’t think I’ve ever used in conversation.)

20 Changeable rate for rent (4) gave me TEAR, the first answer that needed homophoning. However, that could be entered as, TARE, TAHR or TEHR, so couldn’t be entered in the grid yet. I finished the across clues with only another half dozen being solved, and a mixture of clue modification.

Listener 4290 My EntryLuckily, the downs provided over a dozen, and I was well on my way to finishing the grid. In total, it took less than two hours, so an easy week. The quotation was a variation of one from Lewis Carroll, itself a variation on one by William Lowndes:

Take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves. (William Lowndes, 1652–1724)

Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves. (Lewis Carroll, 1832–98)

Take care of the sounds, and the sense will take care of itself. (MynoT)

A very enjoyable, if straightforward puzzle, thanks MynoT. I made it 16 clues and 16 entries affected, with 14 normal ones.


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