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Listener 4306: Hosta la Vista by Dipper

Posted by Dave Hennings on 29 August 2014

Another trip around Dipper’s garden this week, and ostensibly his last. There were just some misprints to uncover, so hopefully a relatively straightforward solve.

Listener 4306There was probably no point in solving the thematic clues just yet… after all, where would they go. However, a quick scan and the third one was OPEPE, a tree that I didn’t think I had come across before. The other two trees (presumably) eluded me though.

7ac Move very gradually during sex session (4) was EASE, a fairly gentle start despite Dipper’s attempt to distract me with its surface reading! 10ac Resect both extremities of joint in jaw (4) looked as though the corrected misprint would be ‘reject’. However, I hadn’t come across ‘resect’ before and a check with Chambers revealed it to be ‘to cut away part of, esp the end of a bone’. A short while later, and [c]OLLA[r] was in the grid. Next came 12ac TIAN, another word that was new to me… how many more?!

After my initial pass through the acrosses, during which I only got 20 DOMED, 21 ATHLETE, 24 AMI and 30 HATING, I realised how crafty Dipper must be at camouflaging his misprints. Having them anywhere in the clue, rather than in the definition, made for some entertaining and devious tricks from the setter. For example 6dn War Bar time, power is fickle (6) led to VOLTAGE (power) – T (time).

The trickiest clue for me was 33ac Wastefully cut pears, one at a time (8). Not having been to public school, I had no idea what ‘rears’ were, such that LO[o] + SINGLY gave ‘wastefully’. I also liked the simplicity and sneakiness of 35ac Insert two pages, back to front (4) for FLEA (‘insect’).

The corrected version of the misprints gave Garden sold to builders. Clear plot bar clued trees. Obviously OPEPE was in the last column, and Strain to move with delayed acceleration was HEVEA (HEAVE with the A moved to the end). Unfortunately it took Google to reveal Blues guitarist plucking first note as John MAYALL (aged 80), minus his first A, in column 2.

Listener 4306 My EntryThanks to Dipper for an enjoyable puzzle, but I am left wondering if there is a word for all the bits of rubber that are left after erasing most of a crossword! I also have a sneaky feeling that Dipper will shortly be buying a new house with a garden requiring a lot of horticultural crosswording.

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