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Sub-prime More-guess Relief by Ruslan

Posted by shirleycurran on 12 September 2014

Having a complete break from the Listener this week so no blog. I (with a distinction about a century ago in what was then called O level maths which is supposed to be the solver level for numerical Listeners) am totally useless at deciphering the complexity of phrases like “…a clue answer of 65 which factorises as 5 X 13, would be entered as 58. If the clue answer is a perfect square then the prime factors are identical … So I scanned those columns of numbers for traces of alcohol addiction, found none, drank a toast to Ruslan and recorded the reactions of the other Numpty.

Comments as the other Numpty approached the Ruslan.

“Are there any Listener setters still left alive?”

“Five minutes later – well this just looks like a pain in the ****.”

Five minutes later “Four down is obviously the way in” – followed by his explanation of that … then, “But that has three possible values – what is one supposed to do? This is just a total bore. One needs a rather large list of prime products.”

“Most of the differences are rather small.”

“4 across starts with 5 or 7”

Ruslan 001“I’m going to have to write a programme for this but one shouldn’t have to.”

“It is so tedious as it is really indirect. The grid entry is not really related to the answer at all.”

(Friend has just commented that he has completed it with a spreadsheet in 45 minutes – encouraging as that means it can’t be too tough.) “But I am no good with spreadsheets. Just got to do it by hand – it’s a bore!”

I’ll stop there as we are Listenernumericalcrossrowdiphobes (and that’s not even in the grey words omitted from the 2014 BRB) so I’ll have to rely on brilliant scientist Jaguar and Dave Hennings for blogs this week. (.. and rely on one of them to explain the title!)

However,  twenty-four hours later, after long gardening breaks, and a session in the roof sealing holes that the bats were using to get in, there was a contented “Well, that has worked and it wasn’t quite as fearsome as usual”, so, posthumously ‘Thank you, Ruslan!’


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