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Listener 4320: Shrive by Llig

Posted by Jaguar on 5 December 2014

Only one week to go until the excitement of the year’s final numerical puzzle. In the meantime, Llig makes his first appearance in the Listener since 2011, apparently, although I’ve not met him before. Apparently Llig’s puzzles go back to before I was born!

Nothing too threatening up ahead, apparently, and the preamble strongly suggests a pangram with all 26 letters of the alphabet appearing in unchecked cells, in some pairs, and thirteen gimmicky clues hiding somewhere out there. So, to business!

It took only the third clue to reveal what might be going on, with the rather generous 11ac Force exercise in Egypt leading me straight to PE in Et. for E?PE?T, which I supposed could well be “Expect”. In which case the “pairs” would be something like AZ, BY, CX etc. So I suppose that’s the PDM sorted already. Still, got to fill the grid in now…

Not all that much to say, really, other than to assure Llig that I did enjoy this and appreciated the thought that had gone into it. Pangrams are hard enough to pull off as it it without the added challenge of including a set of words such as JacquardPrink and Humify. Can’t have been the easiest puzzle to put together, and I did like the cluing gimmick. Gentle but clever, and that’s just what the Listener Doctor ordered for a lazy Friday!



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