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Listener 4327: The Alcoholic Baseball Player by Waterloo

Posted by Jaguar on 23 Jan 2015

And so it begins once more. As I write this we’re already three puzzles in to 2015, and this is the first in a series of three fairly easy ones to start the year rolling. Perhaps, after all, the editors do want to show a bit of mercy, after a tough end to 2014 (especially the Sabre).

LWO doesn’t usually do a “2014 year in Review”, although I’m going to buck the trend here a bit and say that I enjoyed a lot of what was on offer in 2014, with my particular favourites being, in no particular order:

  • 4312: Elementary Deduction by Rood
  • 4307: Spiral of Salami and Walnuts by Wan
  • 4297: Tetris by Aramis
  • 4295: Codebreaker by Zag

Perhaps one or more of these will be in contention for the Gold Cup? Only time will tell. Roll on 2015, and our opener is Waterloo.

Waterloo’s most recent offering came in 2013, with a delightful play on “Political Correctness”. Great fun at the time, and a quick glance at the preamble suggests a similar jokey-style puzzle awaits. Indeed, it wasn’t too hard, although I have to admit that there was more than a little back-solving of the various malapropisms, perhaps because I didn’t quite get Waterloo’s sense of humour. But never mind, as I did get to share the fun with my Mum, sat beside me as I solved this, and chuckling merrily at “The Midwich Cuckolds” or “The Lord of the Files”, among many others (oh, and “North and Southey”, which took us both ages…).

Nothing too threatening, then, and an entertaining start to the year from Waterloo. How clever, too, of him and the editors to throw in a tribute to last week’s puzzle at 10ac! What awaits us in 2015, I wonder? 4327

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