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Listener 4337: Relationship by Aedites

Posted by Dave Hennings on 3 April 2015

Aedites has had a wide variety of themes in his numerous Listener puzzles, including the Glasgow underground, Charles I’s death warrant and Thomas ‘the Tea’ Lipton. A fairly straightforward preamble this week, with misprints in each of the down clues which would tell us what 37 cells to highlight in the finished grid. It seemed logical to start on the plain across clues.

Listener 43371 Delete sixth letter and type “style” (6) looked like it should be DELFET, but that didn’t work, unlike 7 Locate information from prior to food tax of old (6) giving ACCESS. I tried a few more acrosses in the northeast quadrant and only got 16 ALEUT and 18 CREE, so it was worth giving the downs a go.

Unfortunately, apart from 8 COOPT (with ‘vote to committed’ becoming ‘vote to committee’), I didn’t get very far, and it was time to revert to my normal trawl through the across clues in sequence. Mrs B came to the rescue with her list of games, and the 7-letter PALLONE at 12 It’s just the same losing society after power game (7) was slotted in. At first, I thought that ‘losing society’ was unnecessary, since ALL (just) ONE (the same) worked well enough; it took me some time to see that all’s one, meaning ‘it is just the same’, works better.

Anyway, PALLONE in the second row meant that I got tempted back to the downs, this time in the northwest. This was a good move, as I got 1 EPICS (‘great ones odes’), 2 FIASCO (‘political parts party’) and 3 FLAN (‘tort tart’). 4 ALTAIR and 4 COIL finished off that part of the grid nicely. Unfortunately, the corrected misprints didn’t look too promising: Dyame·r.

A strong hint was given by Aedites in the clue to 29ac Military artisan has no thematic symbol for banknote (5) where PIONEER – PI gave ONEER, and it looked as though we were back with the special relationship (no, not that one).

I was in masochistic mode this week, and rebuffed Tea’s anagram help. Once I got 6dn, with ‘mature men scud’ becoming SECUNDUM ARTEM, the rest of the grid was filled fairly quickly. When I finally realised my mistake at 2dn, where ‘political parts’ became ‘political parti’, the corrected misprints spelt out Diameter is inside a circle. (I think I knew that already!) My favourite clues were probably 44ac Dance farewell after A&E exchange (6) giving VELETA, and 10dn More or less I bag big cheese (7) for SOMEONE.

A quick scan of the grid, and RADIUS was in the middle row, and I wondered if the ONE next door was significant. Some grid staring time passed before POINT going up near the left edge put me on the home straight. Spelt out in a circle was AREA: THREE POINT ONE FOUR ONE FIVE which πr² would give “(cut short)” if RADIUS: ONE.

Listener 4337 My EntryIt has been less than a year since Stick Insect’s Godly Mix-up, which gave us pi to 80 decimal places. Slightly less accuracy here from Aedites, but a thoroughly enjoyable solve all the same. It just shows how similar themes can end up with totally different puzzles.


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