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Red Shift by Nudd

Posted by shirleycurran on 24 Apr 2015

Red Shift 001How reassuring to read a preamble that we could, at once, understand (even if that last little parenthesis ‘the next key title features this technique’ left us wondering).

Of course, Nudd quickly confirmed his membership of the Listener setters’ oenophile club with his ‘Piece from Riga(female) stripped and ready to get plastered? (6) (which gave us LAT + HEN). There was need for a bit of alcoholic relief as the food in the clues was odd to say the least: ‘With great ‘appetite’, managed to make extract of native kelp (3) (we decided it was great ‘effort’ that produced the hidden EKE); ‘Sadly raps Delia’s food – “it’s heaven but based on false hopes” (13, two words) (That anagrammed to FOOLS’ PARADISE with an extra D) and ‘Order second ice creams (5) (another anagram producing an extra D).
Solving was steady and enjoyable. We appreciated that after the tough clues that Shackleton provided a week ago and we were soon delighted to find that we had highlighted eighteen words that seemed to be in the wrong clue and needed to be rehoused. There was a little bit of puzzling there as we needed some word for SIJO, ”Hybrid’ verse form is returned by Lewis’s loved one (4)’ Clearly that was IS< + JO but Chambers told us that was a Korean verse form, and we were trying to place Urumqi, Mozambican and yokozuna. Fortunately, when we had located those with a MASSY person, a MZEE and LIKIN (an old Chinese duty), we were left with EASTERN for the SIJO and the initial letters of our extra words spelled out KEY IS AN AUTHOR’S NAME.
The extra letters in down clues had given us DECODE CARROLL CIPHER NE TO SW, so, for anyone who has read Alan Garner’s Red Shift, there were two prompts leading us to what we now had to perform. ALAN GARNER was spelled out in 2dn and 31dn and we had that helpful title and hadn’t we been told that ‘the next key title features this technique’. Of course, teachers of teenagers know how popular his Red Shift and The Owl Service were and I didn’t really need to go to the Internet to download the alphabet grid to work out the decoding – but I did.
NE to SW, we had TSEBCLJRVMINE. I overwrote that with ALANGARNERA and checked the appropriate columns and there, of course, it was, THE OWL SERVICE.
What a totally satisfactory compilation this was with one title becoming the other and still maintaining real words. Many thanks to Nudd.

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