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Listener No 4353: A Ghost Story by KevGar

Posted by Dave Hennings on 24 July 2015

KevGar’s third Listener this week after No 4210, with the left-handed pianist Paul Wittgenstein as its theme, and No 4288, a Haydn symphony puzzle. Perhaps this week we would be treated to The Phantom of the Opera.

Listener 4353Some clues contained a misprint, and I guessed that “some” could be in the range of 3 to 30. 9 ASEAN, 11 COFIRE, 13 NEB and 15 RAIA got me off to a quick start, including one misprint. It seemed natural to try some of the intersecting downs, and 2 REBUKE, 8 SEA DOG, 10 NAIA and 11 CARGO were soon in the grid.

The north-east corner was soon set, including ONDING at 21, which was a new word to me. I found myself motoring around the grid in a clockwise fashion which, if you are an avid reader of these blogs, you will know is becoming quite common for me.

With the grid nearly finished, I had IRGILS and NEID as the misprints from the across and down clues respectively. OK, so Virgil’s Aeneid was going to be the reference work. This was one of the set books that I had for Latin O level, specifically Book VIII. The other was Caesar’s Gallic Wars, Book V. Are they still fresh in my mind? No. In fact they weren’t even then. I have to admit that I found it all a bit of a struggle.

Anyway, back to the present, and my grid was soon finished. It had taken a little under two hours. All that was left was to find the quotation, draw some lines and replace some letters. Opening my ODQ, I was surprised to see how many quotations there were for Virgil, over half of them for Aeneid. Of course, they were given in the original Latin together with the English translation, and that left the question of which language would be in the grid.

It took a couple of scans through before “Do not trust the horse, Trojans…” made me stop and think, with Equo ne credite, Teucri. Quidquid id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentes in Latin. A few minutes more, and TIMEO DANAOS ET DONA FERENTES was traced in the grid in the shape of a horse, well more like a knight chess piece, actually.

Listener 4353 My EntryThe “ghosts in some form needing replacing” were easy to find in the centre of the grid, and TGSOSH was changed to GREEKS to give new words. It needed minimal googling to verify CARRE as a French word.

All done and dusted, thanks KevGar. A pretty easy puzzle but good fun.

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