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Semirp by Kea

Posted by shirleycurran on 11 Dec 2015


WallIn Silicon valley assisting during the arrival of a new granddaughter, the Numpties were pretty busy with toddler gym and toddler swimming, as well as decorating a bedroom wall with a seascape, and not looking forward to the last numerical of the year.

Finding nothing in those sparse clues to justify Kea’s continued membership of the Listener Setters Tipplers’ Club (but we can’t really expel an editor, can we?) I continued to paint clown fish and handed over to the other Numpty, as usual with the numericals.

A numerical with only six ‘real’ clues? With fifteen lettered lights, and another seven letters just lobbed in for good measure? Economy seems to be the order of the day, even the title giving nothing away as it reflected the terse preamble!



Marooned in America without the comforts of our Tables of Quite Interesting Numbers, The Book of Data or my fifty year-old Mathematical Tables we were discouraged at first but with a web table of primes and a bit of scribbling, clues O, H, A and D succumbed (but I kept confusing my reversed primes and primes!).

The restrictions on neighbouring digits and the quite tight constraints of clues H and I led to a grid fill after a couple of sessions interrupted by our two year-old grandson and his week-old sister. This was a puzzle whose economy of clues reminded me of the one where the setter had ‘lost’ all the across clues, but which was still solvable. Thanks for this interesting challenge, Kea, milder than the digital nightmare we had been dreading for the year’s final numerical! A great stellated icosidodecahedral cut-and-paste origami puzzle is probably in the works somewhere, I fear…

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