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Listener No. 4410: Paint My Old LP by Nudd

Posted by Dave Hennings on 26 Aug 2016

In reviewing Nudd’s recent puzzles, I noted the variety of his themes. They included King James IV, T.S. Eliot and Winston Churchill. I also noticed in another place (Inquisitor 1280), The Who’s My Generation which highlighted members of the The 27 Club. This week we were dealing with a work by four artists, and I guessed that it would be either the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Well, either one of them or the Amadeus String Quartet.

Listener 4410 New AnimI decided to let the puzzle speak for itself, although the reference to “discoloured” works in the preamble couldn’t prevent Yellow Submarine and Brown Sugar popping into my head unbidden. (I was reminded of one of my favourite clues, although I can’t remember whose it was: Brown Sugary? (7)†.)

“Answers clash in one cell”, says the preamble. “Hardly seems worth it,” I thought! Every clue, however, led to the wordplay plus an extra letter which would lead to the four discoloured works.

I had come across the soil efflorescence at 1ac somewhere recently, but needed Mrs B to remind me of REH. 5ac passed but 9ac was URES, and with A•B as the extra letters in these two wordplays, we were obviously dealing with at least one album, although it could be red, blue, or even white.

The next clue 13ac was the clincher for me Controversially bemedals minor officials (7) leading to BEADLES which would obviously get changed to BEATLES by the clashing letter. It looked as though there would be no tricky endgame for me this week‡.

The grid fill went pretty smoothly — down the left, across the bottom, and up the right, with only a few gaps to be polished off at the end. The extra wordplay letters led to [Blue/Red/White] Album, [Blue] Jay Way, Old [Grey] Shoe, [Yellow] Submarine; Make letters of title yellow. There’s a blue.

Listener 4410 My EntryHighlighting the squares with the letters from Paint My Old LP — A D I L M N O P T Y — gave a reasonable representation of a submarine… in yellow, of course. And then there was the last bit — there’s a blue. This obviously (?) referred to the blue window just below the conning tower in the famous image. I assumed, but not without some debate with myself‡, that the square itself needed shading blue, and preferably one with an A in it. The A of RECLAIM seemed to do the trick, but I wondered if any leeway would be given for any other square being chosen. Or indeed a pretty rendition of all the colours in that area of the image.

I couldn’t help being suspicious that I had missed something. And in fact, I had! It was only during the final check of my entry that I discovered that I had left the L of BEATLES unshaded. A careless near-miss.

All in all though, good fun, thanks Nudd. I was glad it was a Beatles puzzle and nothing to do with Mick JAGGERY†.

2 Responses to “Listener No. 4410: Paint My Old LP by Nudd”

  1. Dave said

    “There’s a blue”
    I thought “The rest blue”

  2. Yep… THERE GOES ANOTHER YEAR. As I mentioned, I wasn’t 100% convinced, and that’s a sure sign that it’s wrong. The clue in question: Liberal supporting little lad spontaneously (5) I had as LIB under ADA[M] with an extra A. Oh well.

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