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Listener No 4450: Bank Transfer by Calmac

Posted by Dave Hennings on 2 Jun 2017

Montezuma (and Atahualpa) and Franz Ferdinand (and Gavrilo Principe) have featured in Calmac’s previous two Listeners. This week featured either the return of Lloyds Bank to private ownership or a journey across the River Styx with Charon. [Actually, neither. Ed.]

Three entries were unclued, and a third of the clues had a misprint. The correct letters and unclued entries would enable a work and associated people to be identified.

All in all, this was one of the quickest Listeners for a very long time, not even 45 minutes. With most of the grid complete, a check on the unclueds (?) enabled PONTE VECCHIO, FIRENZE and H(enry) W(adsworth) LONGFELLOW to be fleshed out. The corrected misprints looked a bit odd, but when I had all eleven of them, TADDEO GADDI must be the culprit.

A bit of research revealed Il Ponte Vecchio di Firenze (The Old Bridge at Florence) as a work by Longfellow which begins:

Gaddi mi fece; il Ponte Vecchio sono;
Cinquecent’ anni giá sull’ Arno pianto
Il piede, come il suo Michele Santo
Piantó sul draco. Mentre ch’ io ragiono
Taddeo Gaddi built me. I am old,
Five centuries old. I plant my foot of stone
Upon the Arno, as Saint Michael’s own
Was planted on the dragon. Fold by fold

Thanks for an easy week, Calmac, and for introducing me to ‘superheat’ as an anagram of ‘Euphrates’!


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