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Bobs by Nud

Posted by shirleycurran on 16 Jun 2017

“Nud?” I queried “Surely there can’t be a Nud as well as the Nudd who is (with Shark) part of the Rood combination that won the Ascot Gold Cup a couple of years ago”. We solved our first clue and smiled as APPS had to be entered as APS. “They are BOOBS, not BOBS, aren’t they?” said the other numpty and we were off with a steady grid fill that kept us smiling all the way and was nicely completed in time for dinner. It became easier when we had the framework of a word that we could enter into TEA doubling up the most likely letter (or pair of letters) that had to be omitted from the entered word.

Of course, I don’t have to confirm Nudd’s continued membership of the Listener Setters’ Tipsy Club. The preamble said it all; “The setter accepts that it was not a good idea to populate the grid on that night out with the lads …” However, his clues added evidence. ‘In Fort William buy early English drink (6)’ looked promising but proved to be a disappointment as COFF + EE merely gave us COFFEE that had to be entered as COFE – but perhaps Nudd needed that strong drink after ‘Half heartedly Lapp sees off rice drinks (8)’ giving SA[a}M + SHOOS  which gave us rather potent alcoholic fermented rice drinks, SAMSHOOS, to be entered as SAMSHOS. No wonder he was abandoning the bar later on. ‘Crossing river, don’t use abandoned bar (6)’. SPARE, going round R(iver) giving us the obsolete word SPARRE.

The grid filled nicely but we were temporarily flummoxed by the three cells where we had to enter ANANA (Pineapple accepted by head of Australia (5)’ That gave us A(ccepted) and NANA,an Australian slang word for ‘head’ but we were not sure how we were going to omit one of a pair of letters from that. Of course, TITIAN solved our problem (Note dish in striking red colour (6)’ giving us TI + TIAN), so that we realized that we were going to omit the pairs of letters in those two words (and, of course, in that lovely word for ‘sonorous’ OROROTUND with such a delightfully deceptive clue, ‘Sonorous old canon’s jazz in the middle (9)’ O + ROUND circling ROT).

I expected the 11-letter word to appear in the leading diagonal, but it was not to be. ?A???GRAPHY appeared in the other diagonal and, of the words Chambers offered, HAPLOGRAPHY was clearly the one we had to highlight. Great fun, thank you Nudd.

The HARES? They are multiplying! There were a couple entangled at the top right of the grid and a third at the opposite corner. A real hare bonanza!


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