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Listener 4452: ‘Bobs’ by Nud

Posted by Encota on 16 Jun 2017

‘Nud’ has, according to the Preamble, arrived home the worse for wear and presumably is at least partly seeing double.  When looking at what had been entered in the grid the following morning it appears that letters thought to have been entered twice unfortunately hadn’t!

In at least two cases this had got even worse, with ANANA at 42a losing one of the ‘AN’ pairs and so with only ANA entered in the grid.  Similarly OROROTUND reduced by ‘OR’ to be entered as OROTUND.  In every other word one pair of letters became a single letter – e.g. the answer DESSERT at 51a is entered as DESERT.

On the second diagonal the word HAPLOGRAPHY appeared.  It’s defined in the BRB as “The inadvertent writing once of what should have been written twice” which neatly sums up the puzzle’s entry gimmick.

2017-05-27 17.08.58 copy

Is that a Personal Announcement from ‘Nud’ hiding in the Central Column?  Intriguing…

And the Title?  Was it simply ‘Boobs’ by ‘Nudd’, entered in error?  I’m assuming yes.  Or do we have a new setter ‘Nuud’ or ‘Nunud’ in our midst?


Tim / Encota



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