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‘Honest Grey Maker’ by Augeas

Posted by Encota on 30 Jun 2017

A great tribute to the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, whose birthday was the 8th June, born 150 years ago.

Well, first the Title.  Synonyms word-by-word perhaps? For the famous architecturally-sound barrel-maker, Candid ‘Cheerless’ Cooper?  No, as HONEST GREY MAKER is an anagram of ‘HE RANKS GEOMETRY‘, it clearly points towards a male architect who rates angular design.  Doesn’t it?  And perhaps (another anagram) THE GREEK MASONRY is relevant??  Oh, and HONEST could be FRANK…

After a few entries were in place, it looked like the first unclued entry was going to be Taliesin.  I thought this was a Welsh poet of the 6th century and his work, so spent a few moments checking him out with Auntie Google, though it soon didn’t seem very likely.  If only he had had a Welsh word for ‘grey’.  What’s that?  Did I hear someone say LLOYD…?

The overlaying of TALIESIN and TALIESIN WEST as two of his works in Row 2 might have slowed some solvers up for a moment or two; and FALLING WATER was the third of his creations featured.  This last one is well worth a look online if you haven’t already!


The clues were generous and the clue types very clear, especially given they were grouped into quartets (more poetry, perhaps?) containing one of each type.

After the grid was filled, the message needed to be decoded.  It soon became clear that it read:


So the only things to double check were (a) how much of his name was required to be highlighted and (b) which of the styles that he was famous for was being included:

For (a), one could plausibly argue that simply highlighting WRIGHT in Column 8 was enough.  And perhaps at least one solver will try to do so!  I found that one first but soon happened upon FRANK and LLOYD in earlier columns so thought it best to highlight all three.

For (b), I only had the source of all knowledge and wisdom. – i.e. Wikipedia – to go by; it appeared to credit FLW with the Prairie style, Textile style, Organic style and Usonian style.    Of these I could only find PRAIRIE in the grid, already entered at 12a, so that one got the highlighter pen treatment.

And finally, the usual check for any hare-like creatures hiding in the grid.  As usual none – but there was another creature – A RAM – hiding in reverse at 15a.  One day, there’ll be a hare, one day there’ll be a hare,… 😉

OK, joking apart, a great final touch – thanks Augeas!


Tim / Encota



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