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Honest Grey Maker by Augeas

Posted by shirleycurran on 30 Jun 2017

It wasn’t until I typed in that title that I finally understood it. What a hint, had we only worked it out before we solved. Honest = Frank, Grey = Lloyd (or so Mrs Bradford tells me) and Maker is a Wright. We had suspected Walter Scott as being this week’s focus when TALISMAN seemed to be appearing as one of the unclued lights, but I don’t think he had much to do with FALLING WATER which soon emerged as the other. Once we had spotted a Frank Lloyd Wright creation our solve romped away.

I am leaping ahead. We first had to make sure that Augeas retains his membership of the Listener Setters’ Oenophile Outfit and he had me seriously worried when ‘Old vinegar found periodically among less livid lees (5)’ produced ESILE (in alternate letters with an extra I). Fortunately he moved on to vintage a little further down, ‘Vintage if connected to chemical action force of an electrode (6)’ gave the old word for ‘if’, AN + ODIC. So, mixing the vinegar and the vintage – Cheers Augeas, see you at the bar!

We solved steadily and happily – in fact very happily indeed as there, at last, was that sly little HARE in four letters in a straight line, though

Patriotic Patagonian Dolichotis

he was still concealing his identity by pretending to be a relative from Patagonia or Paraguay and tangling with a rather conventional and upright European cousin. ‘Hale [with an L misprint for HARE] USAF recruit in Massachusetts (4)’ giving MA around AR = MARA – a hare-like S American rodent, the so-called Patagonian hare or dolichotis.  – and he was IN THE GRID and in the clue, not sneaking into the preamble!

We were doing some back-solving too, as it was at once evident that the instruction that was emerging began with HIGHLIGHT THE …. Our only problem was deciding whether the clue was a B or a C type, so that we had a couple of letters in our coloured strip for quite a while, one of which had to be the correct letter of the misprint and the other the incorrect one, until it became clear that what were required were THE MAN AND HIS MAIN INNOVATIVE STYLE.

We have already solved a crossword this week that celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Frank Lloyd Wright and used TALIESIN and FALLING WATER so we didn’t even need Auntie Google to tell us that we needed to highlight PRAIRIE as the style. At first I was concerned that we seemed to have found only two unclued lights but the other Numpty did a quick check and told me that Taliesin and Taliesin West were two separate creations, so we had the three. What a lovely compilation. Many thanks Augeas.



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