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Setter’s remarks – Chalicea’s difficulty

Posted by shirleycurran on 30 Jul 2017

Clearly a ringless review’s required – which is difficult since it was the chief Ed’s idea (Mr Phillips) that put clues in a single list thus bypassing the unwanted letter in clue lists, and he suggested disregarding a Chamber’s reference this time – the credit is his. Tester and vetter Artix came up with many brilliant tricks excising that banned letter as well. Thanks, Artix! Chalicea has really appreciated all the tributes that came via Mr Green, and appeared in the Answerbank and TSTMNBM – sad that a grumpy and pernickety pair esteemed it singularly easy – hard cheese! The Listener needs a range between stinkers and gentle rambles (at least, that’s what I think).

Publishing the Listener statistics in the reviews is against Mr Green’s rules but he has said that I may publicise the fact that a centenarian Cdr. D P Willan  (RN retired) submitted a flawless entry – the first, we believe, by a centenarian – a fine achievement!

The setters’ drinks club? Membership assured by clue 3: ‘Dead trendy drink, perhaps deficient in temperature (4)’ [LATTE less T = LATE = Dead]. “Santé!” See all the mates at the bar at next year’s setters’ dinner in Paris (merci à Sylvie Vartan!)

Terrified hare fleeing nightbird and pussycat

Hares? Dave drew a few fine hares and they appeared in capitals as well and I see that Tim highlighted them all [surely rather inventively? Ed.] but the terrified little running hare at the left-hand edge was fleeing the pussycat and night bird (it was certainly eaten anyway – that’s the way it is in nature).

Ah, what a remarkable thing – just seen that he is alive and well and finally appearing as was rightfully expected a fair while since (December last year!) in 4 letters in a straight line in the grid, starring centrally in Serpent’s baldy thingummy (a zebra as well – Serpent has made my day!)

















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