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‘Chapstick’ by Tangram

Posted by Encota on 15 Dec 2017

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Well timed to be published to coincide with the week of this year’s first Test against Australia, we seem to have a celebration of cricketing batsmen – the overlapping CHAPS (men) and STICK (bat) of the title.  I had, as a minimum:
  • (WG) GRACE
  • (Allan) STEEL
  • (Bill) EDRICH*
  • (John) EDRICH*
  • (Dean) ELGAR
  • (Viv) RICHARDS
The hidden statement refers to a poem by Lang to be found in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (ODQ) which, it turns out, is called ‘Brahma – after Emerson’.  [As he’s the resident Emerson expert, I’ll have to ask Oyler about that ;-)]  And given the poem’s fifth line says: “I am the batsman and the bat”, is this trying to be the bat talking, saying: “I am the batsmen and the bat”, I’m assuming?
But I am getting ahead of myself.  The clue that gave a clue (to the theme):
  • England batsman once, one with energy round wicket (5)
was a delightful description of the once brilliant David GOWER, parsed as W in GOER.  I recall him and Derek Randall being entirely watchable for their fielding alone, before David’s shoulder injury, that is.  Gower wasn’t too shabby with the bat too, if I recall correctly!
Nice Easter Eggs in various columns in the puzzle, too: I could find CAP, BOWL, BAT, TEST and NETS.
And what’s that four-letter word – SCUT – doing hiding on Row 4?
* I can see from Wiki (repeated below) why I thought there were more Edriches!
William John Edrich DFC (26 March 1916 – 24 April 1986) was a first-class cricketer who played for MiddlesexMarylebone Cricket Club(MCC), Norfolk and England.[1]
Edrich’s three brothers, BrianEric and Geoff, and also his cousin, John, all played first-class cricket. Locally in Norfolk the Edriches were able to raise a full team of eleven.

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