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‘Postprandial’ by Salamanca

Posted by Encota on 22 Dec 2017

The first gentle hint came in one of the early Down clues where

   Tree guardian brings in forester, maybe, to implant firmly (6)

incorporated Tolkien’s ENT (for ‘tree guardian’) around ROO (for ‘forester’, a type of kangaroo), giving ENROOT, to implant firmly.

[twilight zone mode on] And the second from the jumble of POSTPRANDIAL BY SALAMANCA.  This isn’t only about after-lunch behaviour at all, of course
[Are you sure??? Ed.] …

The jumbling soon leads to A PARTISAN COMPANY’S BALLAD.  So it must be about a company containing adherent followers, singing a song.  That sounds rather like The Hobbit, doesn’t it? [twilight zone mode off]

Solving this puzzle was greatly helped by the use of very precise definitions from the BRB – these made it much easier for me to double-check answers.

And in the finished grid, how many Easter Eggs could you find?

  • On Row 5 there was (the) RING;
  • In Column 8, FANG, one of Farmer Maggot’s dogs in The Shire;
  • In Row 3 an ENT appeared;
  • In Column 4, LAVA, found on the road to Mordor;
  • In Row 9, there’s the CRACK … of Doom presumably;
  • Ok, I’m getting desperate now!  Thorin’s HOOD at 10ac, maybe?
  • And in Row 11, I thought that elven way-bread stuff was LEMBA, not SAMOSA?  I’m confused!

A quick solve but good fun nonetheless.  Must be in one of the five or so easiest Listeners of 2017, though that’s definitely not a complaint!  Thanks Salamanca!  Now time to return to December’s Magpie magazine – which I’d highly recommend to any reader out there who enjoys The Listener but doesn’t yet subscribe.  There’s at least a couple of pretty tricky ones I’ve still to (try and) solve!

cheers all

Tim / Encota


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