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‘In Self-Defence?’ by Lavatch

Posted by Encota on 9 Feb 2018

First of all, thanks Lavatch for a cleverly constructed grid this week!

I found some of the clues hard, with their misprints in place.  There were four or so in the style of 1ac, 1d and 21d, where the solver had to “Think of a word that, when it’s first letter is removed (or similar), becomes a completely different word that means the same as another word that’s only one letter different from the (misprinted) word provided” – and where it wasn’t clear which of the words was the misprinted one!  Once you had the answer it was relatively straightforward to be sure it was right.  However, cold-solving such a clue was pretty much beyond me and I was pleased to have various letters from other clues helping me out with these few!

Once the phrase generated from the misprints began to appear: “The right of people to …” it was clearly very likely that it’d be the Fifth Amendment – the right to remain silent.*

After all, it’s the anniversary of the Presidential inauguration this week, and that might be relevant (The right to remain silent on Twitter, perhaps?  Just a thought.).
So, just to check, there’d be a confirmation at the 5th clue telling us what to do, if I’m right.  Ah yes, “PULL IT”, i.e. remove it.  There were thus clearly two hints that we should say nothing in our submissions this week, so I duly blanked everything out like so.  Easy!
And the ‘apt’ idiomatic phrase?  Is Lavatch suggesting we aren’t very adventurous in our drinking?  I dutifully added the phrase: STUCK TO ONES GINS below the grid.
Cheers all,
* OK, so I didn’t really.  My attempt looked like:
2018-01-20 16.34.18 copy

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