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‘I-spy Choices’ by Xanthippe

Posted by Encota on 23 Feb 2018

Some really enjoyable clues in this one – thanks Xanthippe!

One of my Feb overnight Eurostar solves, this one on the way out to the slopes.  I initially fell hook, line & that other thing for the alternative JAMES BOND plus I(an) L(ancaster) FLEMING diagonal combo.  But it all seemed a bit too simple …

2018-02-12 13.06.20 copy

It took a decent night’s sleep to suss that it was all too simple – there had to be something else.

So where was it?  I fished the paper out again and there it was – JASON BOURNE and R(obert) LUDLUM.

The ROMEO & JULIET in the SE corner looked the likely source of the quote, and a bit of searching revealed the apposite CLEAR THESE AMBIGUITIES.  So JASON BOURNE and R.LUDLUM it is!

Cheers all,

Tim / Encota



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