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‘A Dreadful Puzzle’ by Dysart

Posted by Encota on 16 Mar 2018

With nine jumbles required, filling those entries looked like they’d take quite some work.

CYTON at 29ac being entered as NYCTO was the first to fall – and suddenly all those phobias started to creep in, namely:

  • NYCTOPHOBIA: … night
  • AILUROPHOBIA: … cats
  • ALGOPHOBIA: … pain
  • PHENGOPHOBIA … (day)light
  • ERGOPHOBIA … work
  • OCHLOPHOBIA … crowds
  • HYPSOPHOBIA … heights
  • PANTOPHOBIA … everything

Eight of these nine meanings were the hidden words in the eight clues that the Preamble mentioned, leaving just PAIN to be found, which could have been a real pain to find, but fortunately wasn’t (as it was in plain sight on the top row).

SCAN0437 copy

I wondered therefore which cartoon character was to be highlighted.  I soon spotted Andy Capp on one of the diagonals and therefore it was him.  Fear of work, eh!

I loved the clues’ surfaces – superb as ever.  And it’s always good to see ANDY at the heart of such an excellent construction.  Thanks Dysart!

Tim / Encota


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