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Property Management by Smudge

Posted by shirleycurran on 8 Jun 2018

Preamble almost as long as the clues and not a hint of alcohol in either – well, what did I expect? Certainly not the two days of almost reaching a full grid then spotting a problem, a badly chosen fourth power that would lead us up a blind alley or a missing rule i from our final countdown. Yes, I know that success depended on keeping a very careful record of which rule we had used and which were still available for use but I wonder how many solvers sailed straight to the solution in a few well-documented minutes.

Friends sometimes say “Aren’t you lucky that both of you are interested and solve crosswords together!” If only they knew! The other Numpty is the mathematician so I initially got out of hearing range weeding the bottom of the garden, but eventually had to participate in the grid-filling and record keeping and that was fraught and even ended in the odd shouting match. The air was blue at times.

We were frustrated by the need to consult lists of Mersenne primes, triangular numbers, five-digit primes and so on. Is there somewhere a solver who has these at his finger tips? We certainly don’t and the heap of paper piled up.

Just a portion of the mountain of paper this produced.

Well, we got there in the end and are agreed about one thing – what bliss that there isn’t another of these for three months. Can it really be true that there are more entrants to these things than to the verbal ones? Where do all those batty solvers come from?

Thank you anyway, Smudge. At least you gave us an alternative to watching little children dressed as Union Jacks and waving the same at the royal event. The other Numpty claims it was a very ingenious construction.


One Response to “Property Management by Smudge”

  1. Steve said

    > Is there somewhere a solver who has these at his finger tips?

    Not in a book on my shelf, but at the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences:

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