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‘Way Out’ by Verbascum

Posted by Encota on 31 Aug 2018


So, if the EVENT HORIZON is the ‘edge’ of the black hole, what is inside it?  In Listener 4515 there appeared (at least in mine) to be the jumble of the letters ETESIMRTCAOM.  “What might have been destroyed to make this soup?”, I know you’ll be wondering.  Some options:

  • The mysteriously named COMET ARTEMIS
  • Its Schwarzschild Radius being measured in ATOMIC METRES, whatever they are
  • A crushed item, the MASTIC METEOR
  • Perhaps, in space, it is TIME TO SCREAM
  • Or, said in suitably Messianic tones, STAR … TIME … COME
  • All powered by the TOTEMIC MASER

Then I noticed the huge hint in 28ac’s, Maybe propose for a prime minister before entering Number 10 shortly (8).  Some may have fallen for the trap thinking this was actually, Maybe propose for a prize minister before entering Number 10 shortly (8), with the single misprint and the answer being NOMINATE – MIN A in NO TE(n).   Actually it was a hint, via ex-Prime Minister BLAIR.  BLAIR is clearly a charade of B( for Black) and LAIR (for Hole).  Thus BLACK HOLE, in some fanciful manner.  Simple.

At least, that’s how I solved it.


Tim / Encota


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