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L4534: A Secret Unlocked by Harribobs

Posted by Encota on 11 Jan 2019

A STEGANOGRAPHY-based puzzle – great fun from Harribobs!

2018-12-22 14.50.52 copy

Map the 169 letters in the completed grid to the 169 letters in the ‘template’ phrase from the Preamble.  Then highlight each letter that aligns with H, A, I or R from that Preamble phrase and all is revealed:


The puzzle is based around the tale of a message being written on a servant’s head, then letting the HAIR grow to conceal it.  When the servant arrived, the hair was removed to reveal the message.

Specifically in this puzzle the letters found under the H,A,I,R letters of the template revealed that message.  Simple, eh?

Tim /Encota

PS Though there weren’t so many clues with an alcohol-flavour here, I did notice PORT in Row 1, ALE in Row 6 and RUM in Row 7.

And I thought I spotted a U.S. president and one of the ‘code words’ I’ve seen others use on the Internet for him on Row 7, too – though perhaps I imagined that?  And, now we’re talking of Wordsearches suitable for publication in Viz magazine,  this grid would certainly be a good contender.  I can spot at least five …  🙂


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