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Listener No 4542: Have Fun, It’s Wordy by Kea

Posted by Dave Hennings on 8 Mar 2019

Not much to say this week. You no doubt remember Kea’s previous puzzle (no. 4500 What Have We Come to?) and may even remember his first mathematical (no. 4164 4164). Here we had to find numbers, write them in their wordy form, add the values of the distinct letters as digits and finally squidge some numbers into the grid. I’ll leave it for others to reveal what numbers.

All in all, quirky, straightforward, entertaining… and a week off for the brain after eXtent’s tour de force the week before. Thanks, Kea.

Your homework: Is there a number whose distinct letters as digits sum to the number itself? If so, what is it?


2 Responses to “Listener No 4542: Have Fun, It’s Wordy by Kea”

  1. Steve Tregidgo said

    I tried every number from 1 to 999 (since my quick conversion code only works for numbers less than 1000) and couldn’t find one, sadly. I’d like to be wrong though as that would be neat.

  2. Colin Thomas said

    Cheating somewhat, but if you switch to Roman numerals it works for 33 (XXXIII) and 67 (LXVII).

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