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L4554: ‘Duck’ by Vismut

Posted by Encota on 31 May 2019

Nice theme, very well executed!  My letter to JEG & the Editors (or was that ‘ditor?) said:

Hi to All at Th’ Listnr,

I think that to carry out such an amusing work in such a smooth and tidy way is a particularly tough nut to crack – do pass my thanks on to Vismut.

I got going with solving this whilst holidaying for a fortnight in Funchal. 
A tricky thing to think hard about and to work on – accompanying a chill Gin & Tonic by a pool or lido – is always brilliant, I think!

And, as I found out additional information about La Disparition, its author and its translator, I saw it was all exactly right – an outstanding spot!

Many thanks again to Vismut.   

Even putting aside the silly signposting at the beginning of the above, it is intriguing to find how tricky it is to write even a paragraph or two without using the letter ‘e’.  Now just imagine writing 300 pages!

Thanks once more to Vismut!


Tim / Encota



3 Responses to “L4554: ‘Duck’ by Vismut”

  1. Vismut said

    Thanks ‘ncota. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Say, n’cota did you twig that r’laxing by t’pool has that thing in it! Luv, S

  3. Encota said

    Drat! I did say it was hard writing only a little of that stuff!! Modification now in 🙂

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