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L4561: ‘One or the Other’ by Hurón

Posted by Encota on 19 Jul 2019

Ah, change the words across the middle to read RUBIK CUBE.  That was easy!


I couldn’t find which faces needed the cubes colouring in, though.  Perhaps they are behind that vase thing?  Or is it two faces?  Hang on, or perhaps all the cube’s faces need to stay white?

2019-07-01 17.43.40 copy

Or maybe all the colours are hidden in contiguous jumbles?  WHITE in Column 1, GREEN in Rows 12 and 13 bottom left, BLUE right-hand centre or Row 1, RED in the middle, sharing the first R of RUBIK, ROSE upwards in Column 8; I’ll leave the last one as an exercise for the reader.  Or is it COBALT over on the right?  Or SEPIA in the SW corner? 😉

Seriously for a moment, great puzzle, great theme, very well implemented.


Tim / Encota


One Response to “L4561: ‘One or the Other’ by Hurón”

  1. You had me worried atfirst, as I had found no Rubik Cube!

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