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L4575: ‘White becomes Black’ by Augeas

Posted by Encota on 25 Oct 2019

This was a subject that I only had a faint recollection of, so it was interesting to read up on the detail.

I particularly liked ‘Chopin’ as a type of shoe (a clog, if anyone is still asking). I also thought the ‘Shoeless’ theme applied to fourteen clues worked well to highlight what happened to Shoeless Joe Jackson, whose full name came be found radiating from the upper left hand cell.

And I have assumed that the removal of LANDIS from 36a is all that is required to meet the ‘his nemesis erased’ part of the preamble? I spent quite some time looking for something additional but if it is there I have failed to find it.

Finally, I hope to catch up with some of you at the S&B event in York this weekend!


Tim / Encota

PS Thanks to all who’ve provided me with some kind feedback for my recent Inquisitor thematic (#1615 ‘Corpsing’ by Encota), either by commenting online or directly to me 🙂 One of my favourite themes and I am pretty sure my easiest thematic puzzle published to date. I don’t mind confessing to being the E of ‘EP’ in the Magpie this month (Oct 2019) too – though that one definitely is a bit harder 😉


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