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L4579: ‘Skywriting’ by Donarino

Posted by Encota on 22 Nov 2019

I love puzzles where a high % of the completed grid features in the endgame – so this one was a delight! Not only did the quote “IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT AN (ENGINEER) IS A MAN WHO CAN DO FOR TEN SHILLINGS WHAT ANY FOOL CAN DO FOR A POUND” feature, but also his writing surname of SHUTE and his actual surname of NORWAY. And, if that wasn’t enough, so did (A) TOWN LIKE ALICE, another of his books, SLIDE RULE his autobiography and five other engineers – BRUNEL, BAIRD, DIESEL, OTIS and NOBEL.

So, of 169 letters in the grid, only 37 aren’t used in the Endgame. Those letters are, of course, yet another jumble – this time making “Thompson or Giles composed air-charged fury“. No idea of its significance, except Nevil Shute being an aeronautical engineer, naturally 😉

This was great fun to solve – many thanks to Donarino, whoever you may be.


Tim / Encota


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