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L4596: CRNT by Twin

Posted by Encota on 20 Mar 2020

This was a visually attractive and nicely created grid! Thanks Twin!

I found this a gentle puzzle, which is always a fun feature of The Listener where, apart from the Setter’s pseudonym, one is given very little advance warning of the level of difficulty that is in store.

I learnt a new word at 6ac in WOOPIE, so thanks for that – and for something to aspire to!

The five ‘alter ego’ clues were well disguised, I felt. My knowledge of such characters is fairly low (I love the wit of Deadpool, having said that!), though I did surprise myself remembering Kal-El.

Oh, and the Title? C(la)R(kke)NT seems to explain it!

Thanks once again to Twin for an enjoyable puzzle.

Tim / Encota


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