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L4600: Polygram by Opsimath

Posted by Encota on 17 Apr 2020

This was a very good use of the Greek alphabet when entering clues – the words must have been fun to choose!:

And I liked the precision of the hidden message: INSERT LOWER CASE GREEK LETTERS FROM CHAMBERS APPENDIX.

The longer entries were the most pleasantly surprising ones: S-OMEGA-TE,

I particularly savoured 5d’s:

Diner stirring tartar sauce, near empty (11, 2 words)

with its sneaky use of ‘Diner’ – love it!

Cheers all & look after yourselves,

Tim / Encota


One Response to “L4600: Polygram by Opsimath”

  1. Andy Mullins said

    It’s good to see someone else having to put a note on their solution to make clear what an entry is meant to be. I hope JG reads them.

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