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L4610: ‘Tale of the Unexpected’ by Lath

Posted by Encota on 26 Jun 2020

Some tough clues and a non-trivial endgame – thanks Lath!

Kindly we were provided with a clear pointer upwards on the leading diagonal, which spelt out WINGS OF EAGLES. Thus finding out more about this famous event was just one Google search away.

Finding the EPSOM DOWNS course on the grid was still quite tough – for me at least! DERBY was fairly easy to spot. I vaguely recalled Tattenham Corner as a place from my childhood … but couldn’t find it here. Aside: was it really built purely for the racecourse? Luckily I then spotted FURLONG and could join up the pieces to form DERBY ONE MILE AND FOUR FURLONGS.

I was a little unsure which N to pick from Column 7 at the centre of taNNin. I watched a re-run of the race on Youtube and noted there were no sharper turns at that point on the racecourse so opted for the straighter one. Though I may well be missing something!

Thanks again to Lath for a tricky yet enjoyable puzzle!


Tim / Encota


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