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L4611: ’24 Across’ by Merlin

Posted by Encota on 3 Jul 2020

What a cheerful theme! And spotting YELLOW SUBMARINE and CHICKEN SANDWICH as being ‘cryptically equivalent 15-letter phrases’ – excellent!

Here’s my attempt …

The hidden message, with my added punctuation, spells out:
“Does 8d [Eleanor Rigby] give hint to theme? The reverse!”

And when Yellow Submarine was published as a single in 1966 the flip-side was of course Eleanor Rigby.

I’m assuming that the pun in the Preamble saying that the lines – which reveal FILM – reveal something that could cover either phrase. A chicken sandwich in clingfilm & Yellow Submarine is a film – I think that covers it …

My last one in was RNLI at 29ac. The uncorrected clue read:

Who may save from sales return limited stocks (4)

I’d spotted the definition was ‘Who may save from gales’ by that stage but it still took me far too long to read ‘stocks’ as a hidden indicator and see ‘retuRN LImited’. D’oh!

Cheers all & keep looking after yourselves,

Tim / Encota


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