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Disco Lovers by The Ace of Hearts

Posted by shirleycurran on 7 Aug 2020

Another circular crossword from the Ace of Hearts. Last time it was the circle of wagons: the preamble sems to tell us that there are similar devices here so we expect something circular to go around the perimeter and, of course, find a Circle of Friends – that was our first penny-drop moment when those five clues yielded ASSOCIATE, CATER-COUSIN, BELAMY, COMRADE and MATE.

Circular crosswords can be difficult to compile when the last cells produce no possible words, but The Ace of Hearts has solved that problem by off-setting the two centre rings and by his device of having 27 clues heading inwards with 15 of them ‘starting in a non-perimeter ring to be determined and continuing from the outer edge when they reach the inner edge’. We groan! That is going to add a difficulty to the solve with that additional twist that we need to extract an extra letter from each solution wherever it occurs.

Does The Ace of Hearts renew his access to the Listener setter’s Oenophile Elite? – well, barely. There’s just one hope for him, ‘Pigment that is added to rose madder (8)’ I suppose that coud be the rosė that the locals here drink when the weather is hot. We add i.e. to the rosé, and since, by the time we get to that clue, we have our second quotation and know tha L has to come out, we give a ‘madder’ version of ROSE IE LL and get ORSEILLE. Well, cheers, anyway, Ace of Hearts.

BLESS ME FATHER I HAVE SINNED was our second p.d.m. but we still needed the Internet to tell us that Circle of Friends is a novel by MAEVE BINCHY that has been made into a film, and that BENNY HOGAN spoke the words. The Internet. gave me the second quotation, too, and filled our gaps, making the rest of the solve easier: HAVE – HAVE YOU EVER GONE ALL THE WAY WITH A GIRL?

‘Easier’, I said but there were a couple of unusual words that left us head-scratching. ‘Square on right hand X axis (7)’ finally led us to RH + CHI + S with an extra A coming out. RHACHIS! I wonder how friends will react when I produce that during dinnertime conversation – or, if we are enjoying the delicious local dish ‘Filets de perche’, I talk about SAUGERS. We have to change the A(afternoon) of AUGERS to S (spades) and enter SUGERS.

An impressive compilation. Thank you The Ace of Hearts.



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