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Listener 4619: ‘Artistic Licence’ by Serpent

Posted by Encota on 28 Aug 2020

First of all thanks to Serpent for a gentle and entertaining puzzle!

The extra letters / words were cleverly hidden.  In my solve, the words United States v one book called … appeared pretty quickly, along with a few other words.  I didn’t recognise the phrase but soon located it with the help of Auntie Google.  “His locale was Celtic and his season Spring”, from Judge Woolsey in the 1933 obscenity case against James Joyce’s Ulysses.

There were some lovely, ‘clean’ surfaces, e.g.
Blown-up image is enormous (4),
where the ‘i’ of image was dropped and MAGE* became MEGA.

The neatest feature in the grid, I thought, was the conversion from OBSCENE NOVEL on Row 7 to ULYSSES JOYCE whilst maintaining real words throughout.  

Just like L4618 last week, this felt like one of the easier puzzles of recent times – though perhaps several in a row are now going to feel like that, coming closely after ‘that Sabre’ at L4617!!

Thanks again to Serpent!

Cheers & keep safe all,

Tim / Encota


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