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L4632:’Heads and Tails’ by JFD

Posted by Encota on 27 Nov 2020

I found this one quite tough, if I am recalling it correctly. Eventually I had the well-disguised message from the eight extra words: COLOUR THREE CHARACTERS AND DROPPED CLOTH CONNECTING THEM. My knowledge of this particular Shakespeare play, OTHELLO, is non-existent, so I had to look up what was hiding in Act 2 Scene 1: THAT IN WISDOM NEVER WAS SO FRAIL, and finish it off with TO CHANGE THE COD’S HEAD FOR THE SALMON’S TAIL. A simple C <-> N swap everywhere in the grid allowed the completion of CASSIO, DESDEMONA and HANDKERCHIEF, whereas the villainous IAGO seems to remain unaffected. Was that part of the plot?


Tim / Encota


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